Being A Transgender Woman Doesn’t Mean I Think Like A Man

Roxy Revolver

This contribution is by one of our members, Roxy_Revolver, on frustrations she faces being a transgender woman on other dating sites. She can be found on Twitter and IG @Roxy_Revolver

False Perceptions of Transgender Women

Some people need to change their idea of who transgender women are. Just because a woman has a penis doesn’t mean she wants to use it on people or is attracted to everything with two legs . They think like women, some are straight, bi, and lesbian . First you need to read their profile and if it is not specified, ask them and then respect their answer. Trans women are not sex objects that fuck everything on earth. The best thing you can do is read their profile and respect them.

I am constantly bombarded with the assumption that because I have a penis I think like a man or have the sexuality of a heterosexual male. That is not the case at all. It is extremely annoying when I get messages about topping men and women, and the person can’t understand why I don’t like to do it because I have a penis, and that is what I should enjoy doing sexually. It makes me so mad. I am constantly repeating myself like a broken record because the person I am talking to does not want to believe it. They can understand what I am saying, but refuse to take my response as the truth .

If I thought like a man, I would have stayed a man. Use some common sense. Why the hell would I go through all the challenges that a transgender woman faces if I thought like a man? Honestly , why would a man who thinks and acts like a man want to transition into a woman. People think trans women transitioned so they could have sex. I did not have to turn my entire life upside down and lose everyone in my life to have sex with someone. If you think that, you are an uneducated idiot .

People say insulting things to me like – I want a trans woman because she understands what its like to be a man. If I understood how a man thinks, I would have been a male mentally. Most people are too lazy too look up gender dysphoria. All it  takes is a google search. I do not think or feel like a man. Transitioning your life is very, very hard. It’s not fun and it’s not easy. It’s extremely painful and now you are prey for perverted predators. If I knew what it was like to think like a man, I would have no desire to be a woman. I would have just been happy and satisfied being a man.

You have a penis and you enjoy penetrating people with it. You love it! That doesn’t mean that trans girls feel the same way.  Some girls are tops and fem doms and love it. Don’t assume this is the case for every trans woman on earth. This idea you can convert women into lesbians or tops is ridiculous. You need to start respecting people and understand they might not share the same interests as you sexually, instead of constantly harassing them and asking them to perform sexual acts on you or your partner that they are not comfortable doing. You cannot convert someone’s sexuality or personality so that it fits what you like, and throw them under the bus when it comes to sex. Find someone who shares the same interest as you. Don’t think you can force them to like something because you can’t and they wont.

If you’re a member of other trans dating sites and run into the same problems as Roxy please give us a try. At we don’t cater to chasers and if someone is being disrespectful they are quickly banned from the site.