An Interview with S. Parker, PA-C of the Crane Center Hormone Clinic

Recently the Crane Center opened a hormone clinic in Texas offering gender-affirmation hormone therapy by Physician Assistant and community member S. Parker, PA-C (he/him) under the direction of Dr. Linda Esquivel (she/her). We had a chance to catch up with S. Parker and ask him about this new endeavor.

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Determining The Donor Site For Phalloplasty

Top 5 Factors In Determining The Donor Site For Phalloplasty

1. Why are there so many options for donor site?

Early during my surgical training, I learned an important fact: Whenever multiple surgical options exist for one problem, it means that no option is perfect. This is certainly true for phalloplasty. If the perfect procedure existed for all patients, we would abandon all alternatives and only perform that one ideal operation. In the United States, the two most commonly performed phalloplasty procedures are Radial Forearm (RF) and Anterolateral Thigh (ALT). We rarely perform Latissimus (MLD) flaps because some limitations of that flap, in our eyes, makes the RF and ALT preferable.

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The Latest in Gender-Affirming Surgery – Peritoneal Flap Vaginoplasty

If you’re here, it’s because you fall in love with a person, not their sex.  But if you’re struggling to love yourself because your physical gender and gender identity aren’t a match, you should visit us at Crane Center.

My name is Dr. Min Jun, and I’m a gender-affirming surgeon who trained at four different academic centers before ending up at Crane Center in San Francisco, CA. (More on that later.)

Today, I want to tell you about a groundbreaking medical procedure that is helping trans women all over the world: peritoneal flap vaginoplasty.

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Sex After Vaginoplasty? How do we even start? Figuratively, and literally.

We connected with Ashley DeLeon, MD at the Crane Center who wanted to shed some light on some of those embarrassing questions you’ve been too shy to ask.  

Here are 5 things every patient and their partner should know. 

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Dating Tips Every Trans Attracted Man Should Understand

At Transgender Date we focus on trying to find long term relationships for trans people and those that are attracted to them. There are plenty of sites out there for those of you looking for a fling that just involves sex. Honestly if you are looking for that you shouldn’t be on a transgender dating site. You should go the professional route or to a trans webcams site. For those of you that are generally interested in meeting that someone special this list is for you. Last year we had another list 11 Tips For Dating A Transgender Woman but this list is even more valuable. It was written by one of our wonderful members Grimfusion so ladies if you are single and looking for a good guy join and look him up.

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Evaluating A New Guy As A Trans Woman – How To Spot A Chaser

trans woman new guy

So you have found a new guy that is showing interest in you. That is great, but don’t let the euphoria cloud your judgement when determining  if this person is right for you. Unfortunately when you are a trans woman not all potential partners are what they seem. There are men out there who will let you hang around socially, but still be hyper-focused on your gender. There are ‘nice’ chasers out there who will enjoy being with you for a moment, but already have it in their minds to end up making a life with a cis woman. For a short fling or a one-night thing, these guys may be fine. But if you’re looking for a partner, how do you evaluate whether or not your new guy is long term material and not a chaser?

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2019 LA Pride Parade transgender pictures and floats

2019 LA Pride Parade marchers

We were out at the 2019 LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood yesterday. It was a beautiful day of celebrating in the sun. The parade had almost 200 floats and groups marching all showing their support for the LGBTQ community. It was great to see all the transgender flags flying throughout the day. There were a good number of children flying transgender flags which was especially great. The big Hollywood companies and studios were represented along with a number of other large companies such as Amazon, Delta, Bank of America and Chase. Interesting to us were that both Lyft and Uber chose to focus specifically on gender identity for their floats. Anytime the transgender community is put at the forefront it is great for everyone.

There were a couple of highlights for us. One was the contingent from the TV show Pose. They handed out beautiful hand fans with the number 10 on it. There were some fabulous people werking it on stilts leading the way, seriously how do you do high kicks on stilts, followed by a float with a full on walk off show. Another contingent that we loved seeing was the Black Diamonds Drill Team and Drum Squad. They were led by a wonderful woman carrying a transgender flag. Their marchers had signs with a picture of Marsha P. Johnson honoring the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots while wearing shirts that said stronger together. The most impressive part was the performance they did over and over along the way. Every time they stopped and performed they received a huge much deserved round of applause. Here are some pictures and videos we took. Hope you enjoy them and if you are looking for a new Pride parade to attend next year we highly recommend the LA Pride parade in West Hollywood.

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How to support your trans partner with gender dysphoria

Since gender dysphoria is such a common experience for trans people, it becomes a kind of standard by which we end up evaluating our partners. How a person treats me while I am experiencing dysphoria is a pretty quick indication of whether or not they deserve to be in my life. It doesn’t mean that my partners are responsible for fixing these feelings, but if they can’t offer me positive space and support while I’m struggling, then I know I’m better off without them.

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