When should you disclose that you are trans when dating?

When to tell a potential partner that you are trans has been a hot button topic for a long time. The debate has been reignited in the mainstream media this year in numerous articles usually from a single person’s point of view. There are many different opinions that usually vary wildly depending on who is answering the question. The question was posed to members of the Transgender Date community so we are sharing some of their answers.

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Are straight men who refuse to date trans women bigots?

This question was posed recently in our community recently for other members to chime in. It is a hot topic recently thanks in part to a study done earlier this year where 88% of the respondents, almost all who were cis, stated that they would not be willing to date a trans person. Here are some of the answers that our members provided.

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Leading Transgender Dating Site Offering Incentives To Members That Vote

Las Vegas, NevadaTransgenderDate, one of the world’s leading trans dating websites, is offering incentives for their members to get out there and vote in the upcoming elections. To encourage everyone to vote we will be donating $1 to the National Center for Transgender Equality for every member that sends us proof they voted. We will be also giving out VIP memberships to any non trans members that send us proof they voted. The proof requirement is sending us a selfie with your I Voted sticker, a picture of your ballot or anything else that proves you voted.
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11 Tips for Dating a Transgender Woman


11 Top Tips for Dating a Transgender Woman

1. Don’t call her a “tranny” or a “shemale.” If you refer to her as a tranny instead of a woman, she’s going to think that you don’t take her seriously and that you don’t regard her as a woman. She regards herself as a woman and you should, too. The second term came from the porn biz. The vast majority of transsexuals will find it very insulting if you describe them using a term from the porn biz.

2. TS women are constantly being hit on for sex, as though they are sex toys and they resent it. Anecdotal evidence says they get this much more often than do genetic girls (GGs). If you’ve been behaving that way, stop for a moment and think. Would you hit on a GG the same way? She did not transition in order to provide you with a perpetual hard-on. Treat her with the same respect that you would treat a GG.

3. Surprise your TS friend on your first date. Treat her like a lady. Courteously open the car door for her. Let her order first in the restaurant. Do not even bring up the subject of her transsexuality during the course of the date. Why not? Because she fully expects you to bring it up. Startle the lady. Don’t mention it at all. Save it for some other time. Doing this immediately puts you in a class above all the other guys (drooling horndogs?) hitting on her.
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The Dangers of False Inclusivity On Transgender Dating Sites

As society evolves, acceptance spreads. People whose lives were once relegated to the shadows are allowed to step into the spotlight. One group that seems to have taken the stage by storm in recent years is the transgender community. From heart wrenching films to riotous reality stars, trans people are known and loved across all forms of media. As trans visibility increases businesses realize that including trans people is great for their bottom line. While they try to make changes to seem inclusive, they often don’t go far enough and it can cause harm. Online dating sites and apps can be an example of this.

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Welcome To The TransgenderDate Blog.

We here at TransgenderDate have had a member blog feature for over 10 years now. Those blogs are limited to be viewed by members of the site to insure privacy. Some of these blogs are truly insightful, so with the permission of the authors, we have decided to post them for everyone to read. We feel it is important to get as much first hand information out there as possible. These blogs will be related to the transgender community but not necessarily dating related. There are many discussions on the site so feel free to join and get involved. If you would like to submit your own articles please join the site and let us know.