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TransgenderDate has more verified transgender profiles than any other trans specific dating site. With over 100,000 single transgender members we definitely have lots of singles in the biggest cities in the world. We are a worldwide dating site but about 75% of our members are from America. If you are sitting around asking, “Are there any transgender women near me?, the answer is likely yes. Today is the day you start your search for someone new.

These are real people looking to date. Most of the other transgender dating sites are full of fake profiles to make it seem like they have plenty of people in your area. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere they will make it seem like there are tons of single transgender people near you. The fact is that a lot of those sites are geared toward chasers only interested in fulfilling a sexual fantasy, not people looking to date. There is no reason for trans people to join sites like those. This is why they have to fill them with fakes. After they trick you into joining they have robots send you messages to trick you into paying. We do not need to have bots because we have enough real members to interact with.  With us what you see is what you get. Our goal is to help transgender people find love, not trick people.

Local Transgender Dating

Check out some of the profiles from members in the cites below if they are near you. To really know if there is a match in your area you will need to join. Don’t worry you can get a free profile to look around. Believe me that is much cheaper that going to your local club or bar and the quality of person you will meet is likely better. If you have never tried online dating there is no better time to start then now. Click HERE to join or on a link below if you want a preview of people that are close to you.

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